Acamprosate (Campral) For Tinnitus – Is It An Effective Treatment?

Acamprosate or Campral as it is also known can be in fact be used for the treatment of tinnitus. There was a study which took place in Brazil that managed to get some very positive results with regards to what it could mean for those who are currently struggling with tinnitus. This condition is more of a symptom of an underlying health problem rather than a disease itself. It has to do with the auditory canal and there are many different possible explanations for why a person develops it.

In the studies which have been done on it with people who have tinnitus, many of them found that their perception of the ringing or buzzing sound was significantly lessened. This particular drug offers many people with tinnitus the chance to improve the overall quality of their life by significantly reducing their perception of it. While Acamprosate may not be able to fix the underlying root cause of the tinnitus, it is possible that it can change the person’s perception of it.

Those who are interested in getting started on this medication for their tinnitus will first need to see a physician and undergo a thorough physical examination. This examination will be done in order to determine whether or not the person has a real need for Acamprosate as a treatment for tinnitus.

It is important to remember that while certain studies have gotten positive results with the use of this medication, it may not work for everyone who has tinnitus. You will also need to consider the fact that this medication should not be viewed as a definitive cure for tinnitus but rather one way to handle it and get relief. While Acamprosate may be able to reduce one’s perception of tinnitus, it should not be used as an only means of treating this condition.