Acupressure for Tinnitus – Can Pressure Point Massage Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms?

Acupressure is just one of the ways which some tinnitus sufferers can find relief. This particular method of treatment is similar to acupuncture therapy only without the use of needles. It is based on the basic concept originally developed by the Chinese involving certain energies which the body contains, including “chi” or “qi” which flows in the form of invisible lines which are referred to as meridians.

Although there is no hard scientific evidence that acupuncture or acupressure works for certain ailments, there are many who have claimed that it has helped immensely with certain health problems, including tinnitus. Because tinnitus tends to worsen when there is more physical and emotional stress put on the body, acupressure can be incredibly helpful by reducing that tension significantly.

Pressure Points

There is a certain acupressure point called the “Listening Place” which is in front of the opening of the ear. By placing the index finger on this area and opening the mouth, it can be felt. Some people have claimed to experience substantial relief by having pressure put on this specific point in the ear. Just a half inch from the “listening place” pressure point is the “ear gate” which is yet another pressure point which can be used to help tinnitus sufferers.

The “wind screen” is another pressure point which can be located in the indentation behind the earlobe. Those who practice acupressure often use this point in order to relieve things like jaw and ear pain as well as facial spasms. Some of those with tinnitus who have undergone this type of massage therapy have claimed to experience a noticeable reduction in their tinnitus.

Numerous people are licensed in acupressure as a form of massage therapy. It is important to find someone who specializes in acupressure so as to get as much as possible out of each session. Although return trips will most likely be required in order to find significant lasting relief, it is an option worth considering for those who have tried everything else but to no avail.