Alprazolam For Tinnitus – Can Xanax Help Ringing In The Ears?

Alprazolam (also sold as Xanax and Niravam) is a fairly common anxiolytic drug which has demonstrated itself as being rather useful for some tinnitus sufferers. The benefits of this medication for those who have tinnitus was initially discovered when a group of patients with this condition were prescribed tinnitus. Many of the people who were prescribed this medication found that not only their anxiety level had decreased but also the intensity or awareness of their tinnitus.

There is still no hard scientific evidence that Alprazolam is able to effectively treat tinnitus, though there are some people who have claimed to benefit from it. As of right now it is not known whether this medication is able to actually treat the cause of a person’s tinnitus or simply lower their anxiety level and therefore lessening the person’s tendency of focusing on the ringing in their ears.

Over time the dosage given to tinnitus patients has changed and evolved. At first doctors were not sure as to how much of this medication had to be prescribed in order to help with treating a person’s tinnitus, though more recently the recommended dosage has changed to 0.5 mg each evening before the person goes to bed. Although this dosage will most likely not help with the actual tinnitus, it can help the patient adjust to the drowsiness which is caused by this medication.

By week 2 patients who are taking Alprazolam are recommended to take 0.5 mg twice a day in the morning and evening. If this dosage does nothing to relieve the tinnitus, this medication should be taken in the same dose until a doctor recommends otherwise.

After five to six weeks, patients on this medication will be able to increase the amount they take it to three times each day, morning, afternoon, and night. Although this medication will not work for everyone who has tinnitus, it is a promising option for some.