Amitriptyline For Tinnitus – Can Tricyclic Antidepressants Stop Ringing In The Ears?

Experts at the Mayo Clinic have determined that the tricyclic antidepressant Amitroptyline (also sold as Tryptomer, Elavil, Endep, Tryptizol, Laroxyl, Sarotex, Lentizol, and Vanatrip) can in fact be used in the treatment of tinnitus. Those who are considering taking this medication though should be aware of the side-effects which can occur while on it.

Some of the more common side-effects of this antidepressant include vomiting, drowsiness, blurred vision, difficulty urinating, nausea, weakness, slow speech, fatigue, and changes in weight.

There are other side-effects of this medication which occur less commonly but have been reported among certain people who have been prescribed it, such as hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, and chest pain. The side-effects and intensity of them depends solely on the individual, though it is still important to make sure that you learn all you can about this medication before starting it.

There was a study done involving the use of Amitriptyline on tinnitus sufferers and the results were very encouraging for those who have this condition. The group that was given the antidepressant drug consisted of 20 people and the group that received the placebo consisted of 17 individuals. This study produced convincing evidence that Amitriptyline may be a very effective treatment for some people with this condition.

Around 95% of the people who were given this drug reported experiencing relief from their tinnitus and there was a 12% success rate with the group that was given the placebo. Although this medication may not work for everyone who has tinnitus, the results from the few studies that have been done on it regarding its effectiveness on tinnitus are highly encouraging.

Perhaps one of the reasons that antidepressants such as this one can help with tinnitus is because they are able to help relax those who take them, making the noises which they usually perceive less noticeable overall. While it is not an instant or definitive cure for tinnitus, it may play a very significant role in helping those who have it.