Antioxidants For Tinnitus – Can Antioxidants Help Treat Tinnitus Symptoms?

Antioxidants are extremely important for a healthy body. They help to fend off free radicals which can cause untold damage if they are not kept in check and they can also protect blood vessel membranes from becoming damaged. Overall antioxidants are essential for the body and help to keep it healthy as a whole, optimizing blood flow to both the heart and brain as well as preventing DNA damage which can lead to cancer.

The Antioxidant-Tinnitus Connection

There is a very real link between antioxidants and fighting tinnitus. Antioxidants can come in many forms, including certain foods supplements, and other things which are good for the body and help to keep it functioning properly. Those who have tinnitus can certainly benefit from certain antioxidants which help to fight disease along with other problems which could be causing tinnitus in some people.

The body naturally produces antioxidants which are known as “enzymes” along with co-enzymes. Antioxidants which are supplied in the form of food are usually referred to as vitamins along with minerals and flavonoids. All of the different antioxidants which exist serve a different purpose and can in one way or another help those who have tinnitus to find some relief.


The most common vitamin antioxidants which are found include vitamins C and E. They are referred to as “mainstream antioxidants” and are found in many different fruits and vegetables. Ingesting these vitamin antioxidants can be beneficial in a number of ways, including the prevention of damage to one’s DNA which can sometimes lead to the developing of certain cancers, especially that which forms in the stomach.


Both zinc and selenium are considered to be mineral antioxidants which play a critical role in maintaining proper vitamin levels in the body as well as a number of other things. There is a very real correlation between tinnitus and zinc deficiencies, which is why it is so important to get this particular mineral as much as possible. There have been in-depth studies into the relationship between levels of zinc in the body and tinnitus, thus proving that it is necessary to get enough of this mineral, especially for those who have tinnitus.

Antioxidants and Tinnitus

For those who have tinnitus, antioxidants are an invaluable weapon in the battle against this condition. Glutamate, which is a neuro-transmitter, is used by the ear in order to transmit certain signals which eventually go to the brain. If there is not enough glutamate in the body, there can be problems with one’s hearing, including phantom ringing or buzzing sounds which are associated with tinnitus. All in all it is extremely important for those who have this problem to consider a biochemical solution in the form of vitamin and mineral supplements which will introduce more antioxidants into the body and hopefully lessening the intensity of the tinnitus.