Ayurvedic Medicine For Tinnitus – Treating Ringing In The Ears With Indian Medicine

Tinnitus is not itself a disease but rather a symptom of an underlying condition which can be worsened and complicated by stress. It is considered to be a “vata” disorder and there are certain Ayurvedic treatments which have been proven to be useful in reducing the intensity or perception of it for some people with this problem. Although this form of tinnitus treatment does not work for all people with this condition, it offers hope to many people who do.

Sweet flag is just one of the many different herbs which can be used to treat tinnitus in a safe and natural way. This herb which is also known as Acorus calamus is a wetland plant which has aromatic leaves that are native to India. The active ingredient in this herb is a special oil which contains a great amount of terpenoids.

This herb is believed to be able to strengthen the nervous system considerably, offering a possible solution to those who have tinnitus because of a problem with this part of their body. While not everyone who has tinnitus has problems with their nervous system, there are many who do.

Sweet flag also helps with preventing memory loss as well as helping with various disorders such as epilepsy and mental disorders. It is taken orally and it is a viable option for those with tinnitus who are seeking relief by more natural means.

Sarasvati Churna is a powerful formula which contains ashwagandha s well as sweet flag, cumin, beleric, and a number of other herbs which can help in the treatment of tinnitus. Often times people with tinnitus find that the perception of the noise they typically hear becomes worse when they are under a lot of stress. Some of these natural herbs can help with decreasing the perception of the tinnitus as opposed to treating the underlying cause itself which is sometimes the case.