Baclofen For Tinnitus – Can Baclofen Help Treat Ringing In The Ears?

There is some data and information which may suggest that Baclofen {also sold as Kemstro, Lioresal, Liofen, and Gablofen) can be a viable treatment option for those who have tinnitus, though further studies need to be performed before any definitive determinations can be made. While there have been numerous people who have claimed that their tinnitus improved from taking this drug, the exact reason it works on this condition is currently unknown.

One of the things which is known about Baclofen is that it affects the cochlear nucleus which can play a very significant role in the development of tinnitus. This medication is classified as a muscle relaxant as well as an antispastic which comes in both 10mg and 20mg tablets and is taken orally. There have been tests that demonstrate how Baclofen works with regards to the cochlear nucleus which affects the perception of sound which is a major issue with tinnitus sufferers.

Part of the reason why Baclofen might be able to provide tinnitus sufferers with relief is because of the mental/emotional aspect. It has been proven that increased stress and anxiety levels can have adverse effects on those with tinnitus. A muscle relaxant such as this is able to put the person taking it into a calmer emotional state, lessening their awareness of the tinnitus.

Although not everyone with tinnitus may benefit from taking this medication, it is a discovery which has the medical community buzzing. Currently Baclofen is not prescribed by doctors specifically for tinnitus, though it has been discovered in recent years that it could play an important role in helping to treat it by reducing the person’s perception of it.

Those who will be able to benefit from this medication the most include people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but also people who are struggling with tinnitus. As of right now it has yet to be determined what about this drug helps with the treatment of tinnitus, though there is most likely a psychosomatic explanation.