Blood Test for Tinnitus – Does One Exist?

There are many different tests which can be run on a person when trying to ascertain the root cause of a person’s tinnitus, including blood tests. Usually blood tests are run in an effort to rule out certain immune system disorders or even syphilis, as both of these can cause someone to perceive phantom sounds.

A complete blood count or CBC is run on a person who complains of hearing noises which cannot be heard by anyone else. In the case of syphilis, certain advanced neurological problems can affect one’s hearing. Although a vast majority of people that suffer from tinnitus do not have these types of underlying problems, there are still some who do.

When trying to determine the cause of tinnitus in an individual, a blood pressure test is usually run as well. If a person’s blood pressure is high enough, it can cause a ringing or buzzing sound which is often times associated with tinnitus. A person’s blood pressure level has to be quite high in order to cause ringing or some other type of sound, though it is a fairly common occurrence among people who have this problem.

Blood tests are just one of the diagnostic tests used to determine what the cause of a person’s tinnitus is. The fact is that some people never learn what is causing their tinnitus, simply because there are so many different possibilities, some of which cannot be confirmed by any type of test.

Usually a series of auditory tests are run on those who complain of hearing sounds that have no outside cause in order to establish how well their hearing is as well as other possible problems which could be the underlying cause of the tinnitus. Blood tests are still a very important aspect of the diagnostic process when trying to get to the root of the problem.