Botox For Tinnitus – Could It Be Effective?

There have been numerous studies done with results that indicate Botox might be a somewhat effective method of treatment for some who have tinnitus. In recent years, Botox has been found to have non-paralytic benefits for people who are suffering from tinnitus. It is able to block acetylcholine as well as inhibiting the release of certain neurotransmitters along with neuropeptides which are crucial with regards to the autonomic pathways.

Because tinnitus tends to affect the automatic pathway, Botox may be an ideal treatment for certain people who have this particular issue. There are some scientists that are still doing research into the possibility that Botox might be able to change a person’s very perception of tinnitus, lessening the annoyance level which can be deafening for some.

U.S researchers have found results which suggest that this nerve agent may hold the key to reducing the intensity of tinnitus for millions of people around the world. One out of four patients who were tested in clinical study responded to the Botox as a tinnitus treatment. A total of twenty six people who participated in the experiment received small doses of Botox in the ears, with seven reporting marked improvements in their tinnitus symptoms after a period of just four months.

Sixteen of the participants reported no change in their symptoms whatsoever and three of the participants claimed that their tinnitus had actually worsened. Although the results of the experiment were not overwhelming or definitive, they do suggest that Botox could be one of the new treatments that could help people who suffer from severe tinnitus.

This recent scientific experiment is certainly a step forward in understanding how tinnitus works and also how it can be treated. Though Botox injections may never be legally sanctioned as an official form of treatment for tinnitus, it has told scientists and researchers even more about this somewhat mysterious condition which resembles more of a symptom than a disease itself.