Campral For Tinnitus – Does Acamprosate Help With Ringing In The Ears?

The migraine medication Campral may be able to get results for some people who suffer from tinnitus. Although the exact reason why it works is currently unknown, there are quite a few people who have reportedly benefited from it. Campral other acamprosate as it also known as well as gabapentin are sometimes prescribed to those who have problems with alcoholism as well.

Although the results do vary from person to person, so far there have been multiple people with tinnitus who have taken them and claimed to experience a significant amount of relief from the ringing in their ears.

There is still no conclusive evidence as to whether or not Campral is an effective medication for the treatment of tinnitus, though there have been multiple people who have claimed that it has worked well for them.

One 2005 study which took place in South America indicates that this medication which is typically used to treat migraines and alcoholism can in fact have a significant impact on the ringing or buzzing sounds which is the result of tinnitus.

The primary reason that tinnitus is so difficult to treat is because it can have so many different causes, which is also why Campral is most likely not universally effective for everyone with this problem. The study which took place in Brazil involves 50 different patients with tinnitus. Half of the group involved in this study was given a placebo while the other half was given Campral.

After a total of three months, over 80% of the experiment group reported that they have experienced some amount of improvement with regards to their tinnitus. Because of the small size of the control group, U.S health experts have not endorsed this drug as being definitively beneficial for the treatment of tinnitus which is a condition that plagues millions of Americans.