Castor Oil For Tinnitus – Can Castor Oil Treat Ringing In The Ears?

Although there are many natural or holistic treatments for the health problem known as tinnitus, castor oil is among one of the more effective solutions. Castor oil is primarily a vegetable oil which is extracted from the castor bean, going by the scientific name of “Ricinus Communis”.

This type of oil is nearly colorless as well as odorless with a pale yellow color. Its chemical makeup puts it into the classification of the triglyceride family and is comprised mainly of fatty acid chains, similar to ricinoleic acid.

Anyone can fall victim to tinnitus, including adults as well as children. Thousands of people with this problem search in vain for a definitive treatment or cure to help them get some measure of relief. Castor oil has been demonstrated to help with some of the inner ear pain and ringing which is commonly associated with this condition.

Although castor oil can help with some tinnitus symptoms and related problems involving the inner ear, it does not act as a standalone cure or treatment. Most people who use castor oil for their tinnitus employ various other treatments, usually natural ones such as this. There are many different reasons that one can develop problems with tinnitus, making it difficult to treat with one medication, herb, or anything else.

Castor oil has been known to help in the treatment of inner ear problems involving the cochlea, which can sometimes be related to the condition/symptom known as tinnitus. Whether or not someone is able to get significant relief from the use of castor oil depends solely on the case of their tinnitus. Sometimes people with this particular problem experience a phantom ringing or buzzing sound due to head trauma or noise damage. There is a long list of possible causes of tinnitus but only a few treatments that have been proven to get real results, such as castor oil.