Cinnarizine For Tinnitus – Is Stugeron A Possible Cure For Ringing In The Ears?

Cinnarizine is a medication which is most commonly used in the treatment of stomach problems which are usually associated with motion sickness as well as inner-ear disorders like tinnitus and vertigo. This medication acts as a sort of antihistamine by is able to prevent nerve signals from reaching the part of the brain which is responsible for vomiting as well as balance and coordination. Those who have tinnitus might be able to benefit from this medication, though that is not always the case.

This particular medication is not available in the United States and is commonly prescribed by doctors throughout the U.K. Those who are considering using Cinnarizine for certain health problems will want to consult with a licensed physician before taking it as there are certain side-effects which can become a problem.

Many people who take Cinnarizine often experience problems with drowsiness. This in turn affects the person’s ability to stay focused and alert while performing certain tasks throughout the day which is why it is recommended that you use it when at home. Consuming alcohol while taking this medication is frowned upon because of the fact that is can intensify the drowsiness which is a fairly common side-effect associated with this drug.

Although there have been numerous people who have claimed to experience a decrease in their tinnitus while taking Cinnarizine, there is still no hard scientific proof to indicate that it could act as a cure or treatment for everyone with this problem. Some of the other side-effects to look out for when on this medication include headache and blurred vision.

While these particular side-effects are not as common as drowsiness, they can be a problem for some people who take it. Those who are interested in taking this medication will want to be aware of all the side-effects before committing to using it for any significant length of time.