CoQ10 For Tinnitus – Can Coenzyme Q10 Help With Ringing In The Ears?

CoQ10 is a crucial compound which the body needs in order to function normally. Discovered back in 1957 by Dr. Frederick Crane, this compound can be significantly lessened in the body when taking certain drugs such as Zocor or Crestor which are commonly prescribed to reduce cholesterol levels in patients. This critical compound could also play a very significant role in the battle against tinnitus, offering hope and relief to those who have this condition.

This is a fat soluble compound and is found in almost every cell within the body, required for burning and conversion of fats which is an important process indeed. There have been certain studies involving tinnitus patients with low levels of CoQ10 which may suggest that there is some correlation between this compound and problems with ringing in the ears or tinnitus as it is commonly known.

Although there are many different reasons why a person can develop problems with tinnitus, a CoQ10 deficiency could be one of them. It is important to note that not everyone with tinnitus can benefit from increased levels of this compound, though there are most likely some people who can. Other benefits of this compound include a reduced likelihood of prostate cancer as well as a viable treatment for those who have diabetes.

Those who have migraines and kidney disease can also benefit from increased CoQ10 levels. While it is still unclear whether or not there is a direct connection between tinnitus and the CoQ10 compound, there have been some people who have claimed experience increased relief from their symptoms after having CoQ10 levels increased in their body. There is of course the placebo effect to take into consideration, though there is still a strong indication that it could play an important role in the treatment of this condition for some people who have it.