Does Caffeine Cause Tinnitus?

Those who suffer from tinnitus are often recommended to limit or cut out their caffeine consumption altogether. This is because caffeine tends to get the heart racing and blood circulation speeds up, which can in turn create a problem with increased ringing or buzzing in the ears. The sounds which people who have tinnitus perceive vary depending on the underlying cause, though caffeine is something which people who have tinnitus are told to avoid as much as possible.

There are some health experts that believe that caffeine withdrawal can actually cause pulsatile tinnitus for a short period of time. When someone who is used to consuming a significant amount of caffeine on a regular basis suddenly quits, there can be quite a few unpleasant side-effects, including those which effect hearing.

Caffeine tends to affect tinnitus sufferers differently, depending on what caused their tinnitus in the first place. Some people find that consuming a vast amount of caffeine in the form of soda or coffee does absolutely nothing to them while others experience worsening symptoms. Whether or not a person with tinnitus should limit their caffeine intake depends on what is does to them; it is simply a matter of trial and error.

Certain studies have shown that high amounts of caffeine can have an adverse affect on the immune system which is also related to the development of tinnitus. The best thing that people who have this problem can do is to avoid caffeine in all forms. There are many different caffeine-free alternatives to both soda and coffee which most people consume to some degree on a regular basis. For some people, limiting their caffeine intake and maintaining a healthy overall diet is enough to keep their symptoms under control and their tinnitus manageable.