Does Depression Cause Tinnitus?

Although depression is closely associated with tinnitus, it is not an actually cause. Tinnitus in and of itself is more of a symptom of a larger underlying problem rather than a disease. The primary reason that depression and anxiety are so closely tied in with this condition is because its symptoms can cause one to be put under an enormous amount of emotional stress. The degree to which a person with tinnitus becomes depressed depends almost entirely on the severity of the condition.

Some people with tinnitus only experience minor ringing, buzzing, whistling, or other sounds, while for others they can be deafening. Those who experience more severe tinnitus can easily become depressed. Some of the signs which may indicate that a person with tinnitus is depressed are similar to those which present with almost anyone else, including increased or decreased sleep, changes in appetite, sluggishness, and difficulty getting out of bed.

There are a number of ways that depression can be treated for those who have tinnitus and many others, including SSRIs which are commonly prescribed for those who have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Although there are certain adverse side-effects, some of which can be quite serious, they can also be highly beneficial for those who struggle with these problems because of their condition.

Depression can often make it seem like a person’s tinnitus is worse, even if it really has not changed at all. Stress, depression, and anxiety can all increase the one’s perception of the noises which they are hearing, making them appear to intensify. While the actual pitch or volume of these noises has not changed, the person’s perception of them has.

This can pose a serious problem for those who have struggling with severe tinnitus, as it can deepen the feelings of depression and in some cases lead to suicidal thoughts. People who are struggling with depression as the result of their tinnitus can use a combination of medications and therapy to combat these feelings and also to decrease the effect this condition has on their lives overall.