Does Sinusitis Cause Tinnitus?

Sinusitis is just one of the many possible causes of tinnitus, though it is usually only able to cause this symptom when it becomes chronic. This particular condition is usually associated with allergies, though there are a number of other factors which can be involved as well. While sinusitis is not itself a dangerous or serious condition, it can become chronic under the right circumstances.

Garden variety sinusitis most commonly results from pressure building up because of excessive mucous in the inner ear. When the Eustachian tubes within the ear are cleaned out, the pressure is relieved and the condition disappears. The middle ear is affected by this buildup of pressure and when it turns chronic, there is even more thickening of the mucous which can take quite a toll on the middle ear, making it difficult to pass through the Eustachian tubes properly.

The result of chronic sinusitis is non-diminishing tinnitus. This particular medical condition can result from excessive self-medication without the proper pharmaceuticals along with misuse or overuse of antibiotics.

There are certain antibiotics which have been known to cause an otoxic reaction which in turn can lead to tinnitus. Even anti-histamines can be a cause of diminishing tinnitus if they are not used properly or without any regard to the actual condition.

Allergic rhinitis along with tinnitus are two of the main causes of sinusitis, though tinnitus is actually just a symptom of a larger underlying condition. The accumulation of mucous in the middle ear creates a buildup of pressure which can easily lead to sinusitis. Sinusitis can occur at any time of the year, though there are certain times such as the spring which are more of a trigger for those who have seasonal allergies.

When sinusitis becomes chronic, it can cause a number of serious health problems, such as a lowered immune system response to foreign bodies, chronic laryngitis, and repetitive pneumonia. Sinusitis is closely associated with tinnitus because of how it can affect the middle ear, leading to the phantom noises which are what defines tinnitus as a condition.