Light Therapy for Tinnitus

Although there have been many different types of treatment targeted at tinnitus sufferers, low level laser therapy or LLT is one of the up and coming contenders. So far there is a fairly strong indication that it could help people with tinnitus, though it does differ from person to person due to the complex nature of this condition. There are other reports though which suggest that light therapy might not be able to help at all.

Even though the verdict is still out with regards to light therapy for the treatment of tinnitus, it is still an intriguing notion which has yet to be explored thoroughly. This type of light therapy was first introduced back in the 1980’s, starting in Hamburg, Germany with Dr. Lutz Wilden who worked for the Center for Low Level Laser Therapy at the time.

The basic idea behind low level light therapy is that laser energy in the red light spectrum is able to penetrate tissue. These laser lights are essentially able to stimulate mitochondria which are located in the cells in order to produce an adequate amount of energy with the help of ATP production. This type of laser light therapy is able to repair damaged tissue and rejuvenate cells to their former healthy state.

While there is no hard scientific evidence to support light therapy as a viable option for tinnitus sufferers, it is still theoretically able to help people with this condition. Sometimes damaged tissue in the body can lead to tinnitus and with this kind of laser light therapy’s ability to restore cells, there is a possibility that it could work for people with this particular problem. Tinnitus sufferers who have yet to find an effective treatment or cure will want to stay current on light therapy and the developments that are made with it over time.