Marijuana For Tinnitus – Does It Cure Ringing In The Ears Or Make It Worse?

Although there is no scientific basis for this assertion, there have been many people who have complained that their tinnitus worsened when smoking marijuana. It is theorized that while marijuana itself probably doesn’t aggravate the underlying cause of the tinnitus, it is able to enhance sounds for those who smoke it, making the tinnitus more noticeable.

Those who have tinnitus are recommended not to smoke marijuana because of its tendency to make the phantom noise for noticeable, at least in some cases. How a person with tinnitus will react to smoking marijuana in terms of their overall reaction varies depending on the individual, so there is no certainty that it will make the noise louder or more noticeable.

A small number of people with tinnitus have claimed that smoking marijuana has actually improved their tinnitus, making the sound they usually hear less audible. So far there have been no official studies done on the effect of marijuana with regards to tinnitus patients, though there have been numerous reports from both people who have claimed it to help and make it worse overall.

The primary reason why it is so uncertain whether or not a given treatment will work for a person who has tinnitus is because of the complex nature of this inner ear disorder. There are many different explanations as to why a person develops tinnitus, as it is more of a symptom of an underlying health problem rather than a condition or disease itself.

As of right now marijuana is not considered to be a valid or legitimate reason for a medicinal marijuana license in those states that have legalized it for this type of use. The reaction that marijuana causes in individuals who have tinnitus depends entirely on how they developed it in the first place along with numerous other factors.