Pink Noise (Flicker Noise) For Tinnitus

Pink noise treatments can be very effective for those who have tinnitus and other inner-ear disorders. This type of white noise works on a different frequency than white noise. With this type of noise, each octave has an equal amount of “noise power”. There are many doctors who use pink noise in sound therapy to reduce the intensity of tinnitus symptoms and it can offer hope to millions of people who are living with this condition.

There are certain pink noise generators which can be used to block out the ringing or buzzing sounds which the person perceives. Pink noise can also be used to change the person’s overall perception of the noises they are hearing so they no longer focus on them. Although pink noise is not a definitive cure for tinnitus, with enough time and training it can help those who want to “retrain” themselves so to speak so the symptoms are more bearable.

Filters can be used on white noise machines to convert them to pink noise, producing sounds of a completely different frequency. There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of pink noise, indicating that it really can work for certain people. Those who are interested in relieving some of their tinnitus symptoms will want to start looking into this as a possible solution.

The goal of pink noise therapy is to get the patient to essentially tune out the ringing which is the result of the tinnitus. After enough conditioning, the person will no longer notice the ringing or buzzing or it will at least be reduced significantly in terms of the overall intensity. On the whole, pink noise is definitely a viable solution for those who have been searching for a way to reduce the often times frustrating symptoms of this condition which is severe for many people.