Serc (Betahistine Hydrochloride) For Tinnitus – Is It Effective?

Serc tablets have certainly been proven to help many people with tinnitus and it is important to explore this option before making any final decisions as to which type of treatment you want to go with. Although the medication known as Serc is usually reserved for those who have been diagnosed with Menier’s Disease, it can also be used for people who suffer from tinnitus. Anyone with this inner ear problem that needs some relief will certainly want to consider Serc as an option.

The dosage prescribed to those who have problems with tinnitus vary, though it usually falls somewhere around 8-16 mg depending on the severity of the person’s condition. While there are some people whose tinnitus is only a slight inconvenience, there are others who struggle with it each day as a crippling and debilitating aspect of everyday life.

Often times doctors will prescribe people who have been officially diagnosed with tinnitus both Serc and Dexamethasone to increase the effectiveness of this particular treatment. It is important to keep in mind that this medication will not work well for everyone who has tinnitus, though there have been quite a few who have claimed that it helped. Numerous studies have revealed that Serc definitely has great potential as an anti-tinnitus treatment.

One of the primary reasons that Serc is becoming so popular is because it has been proven to be effective in the treatment of tinnitus and comes with minimal side-effects. Those who are interested in trying something that has a real chance of working when it comes to combating tinnitus will certainly want to explore this option before moving on. There are going to be quite a few different medications marketed towards tinnitus sufferers, though this one doesn’t come with all of the hype or gimmicks that the others tend to.