Surgery For Tinnitus – Is An Operation For Tinnitus The Right Choice For You?

For those who have severe tinnitus, surgery is an option which should be considered. Although surgery for tinnitus is still rare and certainly comes with numerous risks, it can help to provide relief of symptoms to those who have this condition. This treatment option should only be considered for those who have severe symptoms which are unmanageable by other means such as masking or tinnitus retraining therapy. During this type of procedure, the patient’s auditory nerve is severed, and it can be beneficial for some, though studies have revealed that the chances are somewhere along the lines of 50/50.

Most of the people who suffer from severe tinnitus experience a loud ringing sound that is the equivalent of standing next to an extremely loud power drill. Most of the time these cases can be explained by inner ear damage/trauma, and surgery may be required to relieve some of the ringing. The procedure which divides the auditory nerve can be both expensive and risky, which is why most physicians say that it should be used as a last resort for those who cannot find any other solution. What makes the success of such procedures complicated is that even if there is injury to the inner ear, there can still be problems within the brain that cause the ringing.

Tinnitus is usually thought of as a condition within a condition, and more a symptom than anything else. Unfortunately there is no universal cure that helps to relieve symptoms for everyone who suffers from it. This is mostly because tinnitus can come about as the result of many different things, including inner ear injury, toxic reactions to antibiotic medications, exposure to loud noises, and many more. Surgery, although it can sometimes to effective for those in need, is not one of the better options for those who have tinnitus. It can have an adverse effect on the hearing of the person who undergoes the procedure and it comes with other health risks as well.

Typically what makes tinnitus so unbearable for some people is stress and focusing on the symptoms which present, including ringing, earaches, and headaches. By treating the stress or depression which can result from these symptoms, the ringing itself may not seem as bad as before. Usually surgical procedures to correct tinnitus is only done by specific hospitals with specialized surgeons who are able to perform the procedure required. There are a very specific set of skills needed to successfully go through with surgery for tinnitus, however even with the right surgeon it’s never a sure thing. This is why those who have this condition are highly recommended to look through other options that can mask the sound which can be mild to severe, depending on the cause. Because surgery is only success in around 50 percent of cases, it should not be viewed as a primary form of treatment for tinnitus. While there are many people who opt for it, few of them come out completely symptom-free. There are many complications which can arise from such a procedure, and it could possibly make the tinnitus worse if it is not done correctly.