Tinnitus And Stress – Is There A Connection Between Stress And Tinnitus?

After years of research, it has been discovered that there is indeed a link between tinnitus and stress. This is why many different sources all over the internet recommends antidepressants as a treatment for tinnitus, however few doctors will give out such a prescription for tinnitus alone. In many cases stress can become a real problem with those who have tinnitus. The ringing sound which is the main symptom of tinnitus can range from mild to severe and can be either constant or intermittent. Those who have severe tinnitus often experience a higher stress level, sometimes becoming depressed because they cannot find relief from their symptoms.

Tinnitus can mean more than just ringing in the ears though; it can also mean dizziness (vertigo), headaches, earaches, and more. Some of these symptoms combined can spell trouble for those who have the condition. Tinnitus, although it can lead to serious mental health problems, is simply a symptom of another underlying condition, such as head trauma or a toxic reaction to a certain medication. Anticonvulsants are sometimes recommended to those who have tinnitus because it has been known to reduce stress levels. There are of course more natural methods of dealing with the stress that can be brought on by tinnitus, such as yoga or meditation.

Often times people who have this condition tend to worry, which in turn makes it worse. Doctors still aren’t sure why stress has such a profound impact on tinnitus, however the link has been well-established. Although antidepressants have been known to help in reducing stress, they cannot actually treat the tinnitus itself as some people believe. All the antidepressants do is reduce stress and depression, which in turn decreases how much the person focuses on the ringing. Masking agents can also be used to reduce the humming or ringing that people who have tinnitus experience. Keeping a fan on at home can significantly reduce just how loud it is, and therefore help to keep you happy and focused a majority of the time.

Night time is when stress can reach high levels, because it can be hard for those who have tinnitus to get to sleep. Because things usually quiet down at night, the ringing can become more noticeable. This is precisely why something like a fan or television should be kept on to mask the sound of the ringing. White noise machines are also highly recommended because they produce relaxing sounds which simulate the ocean or rainforest, so those who are troubled by the ringing won’t have such a difficult time getting to sleep. Because stress can make the symptoms of tinnitus worse, it is highly recommended that those who have it find as many ways as possible to cut down on the worrying and focus on more positive things. Although there is certainly a link between tinnitus and stress, there are still ways of overcoming it. The more options a person finds, the better their chances will be of staying calm and leading a healthy and happy life.