Vitamin B12 for Tinnitus – Can a Deficiency Cause Ringing In The Ears?

There are many different natural ways to go about treating tinnitus, including the vitamin B12. This vitamin plays a very important role in numerous bodily functions, including nerves as well as metabolic processes. One of the primary reasons why B12 is so important to our bodies is because it produces what is known as myelin which is a nutrient that is essential for nerve fibers, wrapping around them in a protecting layer.

Those who have a B12 deficiency will find that they may experience problems with hearing noises that have no external cause, otherwise known as tinnitus. There have been numerous case studies to indicate that there is a very real correlation between a B12 vitamin deficiency and tinnitus, meaning that all some tinnitus sufferers need is a little bit more B12 every day.

By taking B12 vitamin supplements on a daily basis, you will be able to avoid high blood levels of homo-cysteine which is an amino acid that can be toxic to nerves. Vitamins in general are important in staying healthy and helping our bodies to function normally, including B12.

Because there is no definitive or universal cause of tinnitus, it can be quite difficult to find a treatment that works for everyone. Those who have tried everything else to not avail will certainly need to consider this option. It is important to remember that intake of vitamin B12 may not make a noticeable difference until a week after you have started taking it.

Those who have been exposed to loud noises over a long period of time and as a result have suffered damage to the inner ear can certainly benefit from B12 vitamin supplements. Over time the natural levels of B12 in the body become depleted after enough noise damage has been incurred and for those people these supplements may be necessary in order to get relief from their tinnitus.