Xanax for Tinnitus – Can Xanax Treat Tinnitus (Or Does It Cause Tinnitus!)?

Xanax has been shown to have a certain level of effectiveness with those who suffer from tinnitus. Although it can be helpful because of its ability to reduce stress and tension, two very real contributors to the worsening of tinnitus, you will not want to ask your doctor for it. If you feel as though this medication might benefit you with regards to the symptoms you’re currently struggling with, you will want to try to get it prescribed to you for stress or anxiety, not tinnitus. Doctors who are approached by people who have tinnitus about getting a Xanax prescription always get denied, simply because it is not an FDA-approved treatment for tinnitus.

Many people wonder whether or not Xanax can actually cause tinnitus, and the answer is a resounding no. Although in certain studies some people have reported worsening of their tinnitus symptoms after taking this medication, a majority of it was from the placebo section of the study. The fact is that with any type of powerful medication such as this, the effects are usually scattered all across the board. While one kind of treatment may help someone who has tinnitus, the same one can make that other person’s symptoms significantly worse.

The difficult thing about treating this condition is that there is no single universal cause. Tinnitus in and of itself is a symptom of a larger underlying condition, such as head trauma, damage to the inner ear due to loud noises, or even antibiotics. Because the causes are so many, it is hard to pinpoint one treatment that can help everyone who has it, or even a majority of people who have tinnitus. Xanax is a drug that is typically prescribed to those who struggle with problems of anxiety or stress. Because both of these things can increase ringing or buzzing noises associated with the condition, it can be of some help.

It is highly recommended that if after around 6 months of taking the drug you do not notice a marked improvement in your condition, you should discontinue the treatment immediately. Some people also wonder if you can become addicted to Xanax after prolonged use. While this specific drug is not naturally addictive, there are several types of addictions, chemical and psychological. While the risk of addiction is ever-present with these types of medications, it can also mean an effective treatment if used in controlled doses.

What Xanax can do for tinnitus is not so much reduce the volume of the ringing itself, but rather reduce the fear or stress that comes with having the condition itself. Many people who have tinnitus allow themselves to get worked up, paying more attention to the sound. When your mind and body begin to relax, you start to ignore the noise and it falls into the background. Obviously the effectiveness of this method of treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the individual. You will want to consult a doctor before starting on this medication, especially if you plan on taking it long-term.